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What is 9th Life: 9th Life is a Role Playing Games (a Demo at least ) that has been created by a group of students from QANTM College in 2004. The developement process for the game only lasted 13 weeks (and I assure you that we did not sleep alot). When the game got completed, The "Divided By Zero" team members went their own way. So, we decided to release the code on a GPL License with hope that someone will eventualy pick up the project and maybe create a complete game from it.

What is 9th Life up to now: Quite frankly, no where! There's a bunch of people from the Ogre community that are always thinking about bringing the project back up. They have opened a Source Forge account. Maybe people will contribute but as far as the original team goes, we have almost forgotten about it. There is alot of work involved in getting this project back up and running. The intention was not to create a full game but a Demo. You can find on the Ogre forum a list of "things to do" if you ever want to get the project up to scratch.

Project Management: Amanda Bowden
Producer: Francois Coulombe
Design: Gerald Poon

  • Francois Coulombe
  • Gerald Poon
  • Adam Holden
  • Greg Quincy (QGF3)
  • Dale Freya (QGF3)
  • Andrew Hannam
  • Ray Lam
  • Ryan Carmody
  • Steve Jude
  • Peter Antony
  • Ben Ferguson
  • Avon Dalitz
  • Some girl who made this kick ass logo for the company but I can't rememeber her name

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Code Drop 16 july 2006

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